Top Beauty Products for No Makeup Look to Add to Your Routine

September 29, 2023

Finding beauty essentials that practically make you look like you’re not wearing makeup is essential, regardless of how you feel about applying makeup —whether you enjoy a full face every day or can barely manage the energy to use concealer. Even if you use cosmetics that appear exactly like your skin (but better), a natural foundation, a glowy blush, a bronzer that complements your skin tone, and light mascara is a little more enjoyable.

The “No Makeup” makeup fad is here to stay, and new products are always being released. The greatest cosmetics alternatives that our editors now adore are listed below:

Niacinamide Watermelon Glow Dew Drops

The best “no makeup” cosmetics have a variety of uses. Niacinamide serum, which is already beneficial for minimizing redness and smoothing skin under health & wellness, also functions as a highlighter and may be used on top of makeup to give it a dewy appearance. Because this continues selling out, act quickly.

Lip Balm for Treatment

Meet the groovy younger sister of Laneige’s classic lip sleeping mask if you like it. You may wear this all day long because with nail care it is essentially the sleeping mask in a lighter formulation. This is perfect to apply to your lips before doing makeup so that it can hydrate them while you work.

Eye Base Enriched with Vitamins

Despite not being as recent as some of the other items on this list, we had to include this one since it is so brilliant. Concealer and powder will blend in flawlessly beneath your eyes thanks to this product, which is essentially a cross between an eye cream and an eye primer. If you adore the brand’s beloved Vitamin Enriched Face Base, you’ll enjoy this because it has the same beautiful texture.

Probiotic Moisturizing Self-Reflecting Sunscreen

This sunscreen is at the top of my wish list because it must be the final step in every skincare regimen. It is a mineral sunscreen with a lovely glowy finish, so there is no white cast. It gives your skin a slight new glow because of its delicate pearly pink hue. Because it looks so fantastic, you may wear this SPF without covering up with foundation.

Ease Drop Skin Tint Blurring

If the opinions of our editors weren’t enough to persuade you, perhaps this will: This is simple to apply with your fingers and resembles your skin perfectly. This is your best option if you’re searching for a nice product to apply on the fly or for lightweight coverage. When mixed with a brush or sponge, it spreads evenly across the skin and never seems dry or cakey.

Skin Tint for the Sun

This is your “no makeup” foundation for the very dryest of skin types. This bath & body is primarily designed for dry skin and has a natural feel. Additionally, once you’ve used it up, there are refills available and it’s silicone-free and clean!

skin tint for the sun

The Authentic Freckle

We understand that the faux freckle craze can be overdone, but with the correct product (like this one from Freck, the top freckle pen on the market) and a light hand, it’s the ideal way to make your makeup appear a little more natural. This tutorial made me reconsider using fake freckles and is an excellent guide for creating them subtly.

The Protective Setting Powder with Silk

It’s curiously difficult to find a “no-makeup” powder, but Tatcha’s most recent release flips that notion on its head. Without losing brightness or a lightweight sensation, this powder gives your skin and hair care an immaculate finish.

3-In-1 Skin Conditioner with Color

All of our editors are daydreaming about vacations, warm weather, and carefree beauty looks because of TLB’s most recent product introduction. Thanks to hyaluronic acid, cucumber extract, rose water, and other ingredients, it is an oil-free skin tint with sheer to buildable coverage that really improves the appearance of your skin after removal including oral care.

Plum Blush

This is the one for you if you have oily skin and the thought of wearing cream blush makes you want to flee for the hills. The colors are all ideal for a naturally flushed appearance, and the consistency is a creamy putty that dries to a matte finish.

Changing-Color Blush Oil

With the release of this color-changing blush oil, this new brand caught my attention. It basically starts off as a transparent oil that you apply, but after you start blending it in, it turns into the ideal flush. This is undoubtedly for those with dry skin, but it may be changed to match any skin tone.

Highlighting Balm for Day Glow

Most of us need a dewy, somewhat glittery highlighter, but it can be difficult to find one that looks natural—until Merit came along. This highlighter glides over your cheekbones beautifully and leaves you with an unnatural glow thanks to its very useful stick formula. It is not overly sparkly, and there is no glitter at all—a remarkable achievement.

highlighting beauty product

Dew Wet Highlighting and Hydrating Balm

Another essential component of “no makeup” makeup is the sweating, dewy cheekbone, which Danessa Myricks achieved with the aid of this highlighter. You apply a dewy balm on your cheekbones that looks like facial sweat and dew. However, unlike other products on the market, this doesn’t become tacky or sticky, so your face won’t get hair stuck in it when you turn your head. Additionally, this comes in a few hues, allowing you to mix and match to find the combination that flatters your skin tone.

The Water Bronzer Stick from Undone Beauty stands out in their line of bronzers since it is all about natural, understated makeup. It cools you off when you apply it.

Volumizing Eyebrow Gel in Color

A soft, fluffy brow is one of the foundations of a powerful natural makeup routine, and this new release from Kosas is essentially that in a bottle. This is the best option for people with naturally thin or sparse brows who wish to mimic the Cara Delavigne look because it contains plant-based, biodegradable fibers that truly plump up your brows. It basically adds another step to your skincare routine because it also contains castor oil, which conditions your brows.

Mascara Lengthening and Lifting

Choose a mascara like this if you want your lashes to look excellent but natural. It is design to raise, lengthen, and give the appearance of naturally attractive eyelashes.

Mascara Lash Sensational Sky High

This mascara from Maybelline is a superb imitation of the Saie mascara in a pharmacy. It divides your lashes so they look incredibly natural, and it actually lengthens and lifts your lashes. There’s a good reason why this went viral on TikTok and was virtually sold out in the first several months of release!

Eyebrow Pencil + Refill Kit for Brow Cheating

If you enjoy using a thin pencil to fill in your brows, this new one from Charlotte Tilbury is also striking. You get two brow pencils in one because it is refillable and already has a refill; the slightly higher price is fully justified.

We’ve persuaded countless individuals in my life to purchase this lip oil. It’s just a natural, non-sticky, extremely glossy lip oil that you may apply as a balm, gloss, or overnight treatment. Although it is completely clear, it gives the lips the perfect amount of glow, enhancing their beauty with just one product.

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Key Takeaway

Greetings from your ideal tinted lip color. This is opaque like sheer lipstick but feels like a light balm. It provides that wonderful “I just ate a popsicle” lip look and is buildable. Try men’s grooming if you want, a little bit of vibrant options without all the work. It gives just the proper amount of color to your lips and has a stick formula that doesn’t get sticky or disgusting.

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